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Dec 10, 2013 1:40am PST
there today to celebrate nelson mandela. shortly we will be hearing from president obama as we see the mandela family right there. that is nelson mandela's grandson who is now seen as the read of the family, seeing tribal responsibilities. the family gathered outside of noond's home in johannesburg. and they are coming together to celebrate nelson mandela today. this memorial service will go on for several hours here in south africa, and then his body will be taken to pretoria where he will lie in state for three days before the funeral on sunday in his homeland. let's go back. >> a dignified and fitting memorial service in honor of our father, nelson mandela. >> winnie mandela there, former wife of nelson mandela. and his current wife, his second wife there, as well. third wife, excuse me. >> we applaud you and thank you for that. on behalf of the president, i welcome all of you who have travelled from all corners of the world and extend warm words of wisdom from friends all over the world, and let us give nelson mandela's friends as well as the friends of south africa, from all over
Dec 6, 2013 2:35am EST
senator. >> reporter: president obama was in south africa in june. nelson mandela was very sick at that point. the white house said out of respect for him and his family they were not going to have the obamas a go and meet him. instead he took his wife and daughters to nominee's cell on robben island. he said it was a privilege and honor to be there. the first and only time they met is right after president obama was elected senator in 2005. it was at a hotel here in washington. the president and then senator was not on nelson mandela's schedule but he stayed strong and persevered and he got himself on that schedule. they had a brief meeting and there is an iconic photo take than day by one of the president's aides and that photo hangs in the west wing. >> the only photo that exists of that meeting, by the way. karen travers reporting live from washington. thank you. >>> mandela died at his home surrounded by his youngest daughters who were in london at the time attending a premier about of a film about his life. they asked the film be played until the end. the audience which inclu
Dec 9, 2013 3:00am PST
south africa for nelson mandela's memorial service tomorrow. president obama is expected to be among the 50 heads of state attending the event. prince charles will attend on behalf of queen elizabeth. yesterday was a day of prayer with the former leader remembered at churches across the country. officials say tomorrow's service will be full of prayer and celebration. >> the nation and the fans of south africa and madiba come together to pray for him. >> a family friend who visited mandela at his bedside who visited mandela at his bedside said he was not on life support during his final moments and he was surrounded by his family. stay with abc news as the world pays tribute to nelson mandela and later this half-hour, we will have remembrances from his grandchildren who cannot forget the most difficult days. >>> fans and friends of paul walker turned out for a public memorial in southern california. many brought flowers and many drove high-performance cars that walker loved so much. walker an a friend died last weekend in a fiery crash of a powerful porsche. the incident is still bein
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)